3 February 2013

planning my beautiful year...

So I'm getting stuck into planning the rest of this beautiful year. I've had a little help from @leonie_dawson and this gorgeous workbook and already awesome things are starting to happen. Listening  to inner wisdom and putting it on paper is a wonderful

I'm writing this tonight in the lounge room, under fairy lights which are still draped from the ceiling in our vague attempt to ignore the fact that it's February and this year has already begun to fly by. I'm still in the planning phase of my year... It takes time, you see. And time is what I don't have very much of. Yet. For the longest time, I've suspected that putting it all down on paper - writing lists, setting dates -  would be the thing that tips me into feeling organised again. Organisation is most definitely what I lack. What our nest lacks. And when you live in a state of, as Big Owlet puts is, "everyday is holidays", it's easy to see why organisation falls off the list, so to speak.

So I've begun with my gorgeous diary (yes, skipping a month to Feb), and this. After a long time on Leonie Dawson's email list, nodding my head along to certain posts and things I needed to hear, I invested just under $10 and bought her workbook planner. So far I'm about halfway through and it's fab. Just what I needed. A little hippy and goddess-y, but gorgeous and nurturing and full of all sorts of exercises that make me pause and think about me for a sec. Not something I've done for a very, very long time. What is it that I actually want to do this year? For me? Now I have some semblance of an idea and that helps immensely. Things that were bothering me, and I couldn't quite work out why? They're now turned around into positive, actionable things - or let go of, which is hugely cathartic and feels just right for the decluttering path Huz and I have been on for the last 6 months.

During the process, I've had wild, vivid dreams about situations that were upsetting or bothering me and I hadn't given much attention to and expressed anger, fear, sadness... All the things that came up and were making those instances negative for me. Woah did I express myself?! And then woke up, able to make a clear decision and move on. Stopping and thinking, putting things on paper... Amazing, simple and very important stuff.

Huz and I also bought the business yearbook and we've been using it for mini-conferences in the kitchen, over cheese platters and cups of tea, as we sort out a direction for our business. It helped us to identify the negatives, work on the positives and work towards a business that only brings us, and others, happiness. Yay for that! Joy and abundance seem to go hand in hand and this year we are welcoming big piles of each into our lives. It's going to be so fab.

Now to just work my way through to the end... And sort out some time. That will come, right? Yes, it will. It's in the plan.

How about you? Are you a planning type?
Or do you fly by the seat of your pants while everything falls into place? 
Are you dreaming up a beautiful year too?
I hope so. xx


  1. Yes I am absolutely still planning my year! Like you, time is not something I have in abundance. But I feel it is necessary, or we end up just coasting by but missing the stuff that matters. It will be a beautiful year.

  2. Oh I started the year studiously putting dates in my diary, working out a little schedule... then I got tired and just wanted to play with my babies. But there are still things to be done and dates to be remembered, so am endeavouring to get back on track. I also have a little to-do list book so I don't forget anything. Though I'm sure I will!

  3. Thank you for sharing :) This is exactly what I didn't know I needed! Well... I think deep down I did know, but I didn't know where to find it. Three cheers to a beautiful year!


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