4 February 2013

unschool monday :: holidaying

Big Owlet was an interior designer today #planning #designing #numeracy #unschooling #owlets

So the year is well and truly in full swing and today school went back for many of our friends... Some went excitedly for the first time. The owlets felt a slight sadness that their friends were moving on from what, to them, is normal life. Long holiday days where so much is crammed in that a tiny snippet is a blog post in itself, even if the rest of it was spent, seemingly, lounging in the garden...

When Big Owlet is asked if she's excited to return to school, her line is "I don't do school. Everyday is holidays". She means it. She understands the freedom and space this lifestyle affords her, and how fortunate it is for us that it works for our family. Most of the time. Conversely, I suppose, it is never holidays here (some days it feels like it) - ha!

Right now, the owlets find it hard to understand why anyone would choose differently. When you live as if school isn't a thing, it's a bit of a shock to see the girl across the road thinking it is... however they whole heartedly feel excited for their friends embarking on new adventures and they can't wait to hear all about them.

We're eternally grateful that we live in a place where our choice to live and learn as we please is supported and encouraged and that there are enough options to support almost any lifestyle and any family. School, or unschool, or anywhere in between, we have choices and support for what works best. We're pretty blessed.

So on this "first day back", in lieu of a "first day" picture (because I neglected to take one as we headed of to homeschool gym), here's a snippet and a catch-up of what we've been doing while everyone's been on holidays... much the same as school holidayers, I expect. Nothing amazingly special. Just everyday magical moments of learning and living and life that will continue in the months to come, as they do for every family... Like turning "lets move the furniture around" into an architectural design project...

Arternoon #latergram #owlets #art #unschooling

Or when Tiny Owlet wanting to paint in the garden became an afternoon of plein air painting for all.

Little Owlet has been fashion designing today. #sewing #crafting #blythe #fashion #owlets

Little Owlet discovered her inner fashion designer...

Spontaneous loungeroom dance party @berondi #latergram #party #dance #sillyhuz

And spontaneous dance parties happened on a regular basis.

"Treasure" #crayonrocks #tinysfavourite #spiralgarden #crayons

Tiny discovered crayon rocks "treasure" as a form of mathematical learning...

Spring Loaded. #illhavewhatsheshaving

There was playing...

Flouro in the Foam.   iPhone5 // edits in Snapseed and WowFX, then Lo-Fi filter in IG.   #foam #froth #flouro #frolic

And playing...

Soar.   iPhone5 // edits in #snapseed, #cameraplus and #vscocam   #soar #swinging #lookingup

And playing...

Family bonding time #gaming #generationi #ipod #iphone #ipad #family #unschooling

We all got an i-thing, thanks to the school kids bonus, meaning there are now multiplayer games happening all over the nest and Big Owlet is improving her communication and photography skills via iMessage and instagram*.

Sisters #support #love #owlets #latergram

And we discovered Tiny's fearlessness anew, on the big slide, as she hurtled down it face first, in the same way she approaches everything. With gusto. Safe in the knowledge she is supported by us and her adoring sisters.

Late afternoon stroll. || #leaping #wetpants

And this afternoon's late-afternoon paddle at the beach, as we attempt to stretch this summer as far as it will go...

It's going to continue to be another brilliant, lovely, exciting and wonderful year of living and learning at ours.

Wishing you all the best for your year. I bet it'll be marvellous! xx

If you'd feel inspired to join in with Unschool Monday, or maybe share a pic of your back to school owlet, please pop a link in the comments below. 

*If you're on instagram, Big Owlet is @treehouseme. Go follow her. She'll be chuffed. xx


  1. Glorious life!!! Winter is in full force here! But indeed life goes on.. http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2013/01/a-snowy-sunday.html

  2. What a beautiful set of photos!!! Go Tiny on the big slide!!!

  3. Hello Owlets
    I am writing to you on a dull grey morning in London.I have been very inspired on Instagram by both you and your husband and your wonderful images of your family and outlook on life. I have finally sat down with a coffee this morning at the computer to have a quick look at your blog.
    We are experimenting with Flexi schooling. My son's weekly education is split between school and home. It is not my ideal but a happy compromise. It allows him time to learn in his own way. I look forward to following along as more of your adventures unfold.

    Kind Regards from London


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