19 June 2010

Thrifty finds :: part one

An owlet free afternoon, just me and Huz... A beautiful day, a car and a road to follow... We wandered down near the water, found some food and five of these beautiful french ring top jars at the tip shop. I can't believe someone threw them in the bin. They are the perfect size and now I believe my collection of tip shop jars is almost complete! My cupboards are almost ant free too - no mean feat where I live!!


  1. oh my!!! you would never catch me putting those gorgeous jars in the bin!
    LOVE them ♥

  2. great find! I need to do that too, for the cupboard moths.

  3. *Gasp*

    they are one of my favourites.

    I've been steadily increasing my collection ever since I moved to Hobart. You can use them for preserving as well.

    I have a friend living in Paris at the moment & he is getting me some new rubber rings to fit these, I could ask him to up the order (they are apparently very cheap) if your jars look like they may need new seals? They are virtually impossible to get in OZ at any kind of decent price.

    3 cheers for the tip shops!


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