21 June 2010

unschool monday :: feeling seedy

I love it when this happens... We're going from one thing to another, just going with the flow of the day. Then I look back on the morning, while sipping a hot chocolate and realise we've just completed a unit study on whatever we were doing... Its like when you design or make something and you don't really have an idea going into it, or you make a few mistakes along the way, but somehow it all just falls into place and works. Then of course, you have to say that you meant it all along... Today it was all about seeds. We started with a bird feeder.

Then we had a go at sprouting.

Next we found last winter's broad beans...

And planted a broad bean forest and some snow pea tee pees.

Then we planted our tulip bulbs, too late I fear, but better late than never. We'll keep an eye on them inside.

And after all that we were exhausted, so we popped some corn and watched a movie. Too perfect... I planned it that way all along of course ;)

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