23 June 2010

Weekend decorator

Maybe its nesting... Or maybe its just too cold outside... we've been gradually working through the house and doing all those things we've always meant to. Like hanging the mirrors we've had in a cupboard for two years, or finding a cabinet for the hallway... Craft storage problem solved!

We finally put Huz's Christmas present on display. We found a much easier solution than hanging them on the wall, but it makes the mantelpiece look so much tidier, I think.

We found a spot for the owl clock too... watching over the owlets in their little kitchen. Next weekend promises painting and more painting... I reckon by the time our new owlet is here we'll be ready for a good rest!


  1. WOW! loving it all esp. those mirrors, fabulous!

  2. Hi I like your mirrors, can you tell me where you purchased these from?

    Kind regards



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