14 June 2010

unschool monday :: wintering

Its been a long weekend here and a nice spot to pause and acknowledge that winter is upon us. Chilly early mornings with beautiful sunrises, or mist down the river and in the hills behind.

We've had a little clean up. There are new faces at the window and we're marvelling at how little owlet's drawing has evolved.

Decorating our seasonal table with treasures, like a bowerbird's nest. Helping us start again. We've made a new list of activities for some things we might like to do this season. Some we will get to and some we may not. Big owlet has asked for some more structured activities in her mornings, so it helps to have some things up our sleeves... I love the ebb and flow in our unschooled weeks. Some days are intense, moving from one activity to the next together, and others are quiet as we go about our own business...

Winter ideas so far...

Firing pots in a sawdust kiln in the garden
Making lanterns
Making snowflakes
Go up the mountain to play with the snow
Visit some caves
Visit the Antarctic division and learn more about Antarctica.
Go horse riding for big owlet's birthday
Go to the theatre
Knitting with big owlet
Finger knitting with little owlet
Make a wool doll
Growing sprouts
Watching tulip bulbs grow
Experimenting with ice
Watching shadows
Making puppets
A puppet performance
Make a bird feeder
Wax modelling
Make a terrarium/moss garden
Making and decorating candles
Baking bread
Making soup
Making music
Gingerbread men
Sun catchers


  1. Sounds like you're going to have a busy winter! My daughter goes to childcare and they often play with ice - the carers will have frozen little plastic polar bears and penguins in ice so the kids can watch them become exposed as the ice melts!

  2. OOh that first photo is gorgeous!

  3. I love these ideas and what a beautiful photo...


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