15 August 2010

Big owlet's big birthday weekend

When you are seven, there are so many awesome things you can do... like read your own birthday card for the first time...

and order pink pikelets for breakfast.

You can bake your own farm cake (and lick the bowl)...

...then blow out the candles with your best friend beside you.

You can check how much you've grown, before heading off to the bush for a holiday in a beautiful part of the world.

You can groom a horse for the first time...

Learn to ride it...

Then take it for a wander through the bush, before spending the rest of the day playing with animals of all kinds, including a very cheeky baby wombat.

You can finish the day by the campfire, gazing at the moon, looking for the milky way... When you come home, you'll feel more grown up, like you've wandered through to the other side of the farm gate. Seven is big and its going to be a wonderful year.

*most photos in this post were taken by Huz... with the good camera again*


  1. Happy birthday to your owlet and to her family!
    It all sounds perfect!
    Gosh you live in a beautiful part of the world.
    Seven does seem so big.
    We are planning our seven for a few months time.

  2. Lucky girl! I believe I may be jealous!

  3. Happy birthday big owlet! We had birthday weekend for my biggest too :). So lovely when they are reading their own cards awwww!

  4. Happy Birthday big owlet! What a wonderful weekend you had :D

  5. So special, and so grown up! Happy birthday to your girl!

  6. Happy birthday! Harriet turns five tomorrow - August birthdays are wonderful. Cold, crisp mornings and lovely sun drenched afternoons. Hope you're enjoying them seven year old. :)


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