21 August 2010

whale watching

It was one of those moments we have living where we do. An email as I was finishing my muesli and suddenly we were dressed and at the beach near the end of our street... watching whales! A mama Southern Right Whale had birthed her babe overnight near our beach. We watched them swim and play; mama whale showed her baby how to roll, swam gently around it as it gained confidence. We'd never seen whales in real life, so it was pretty amazing to have them in the neighbourhood! When Europeans began settling this area, they were afraid to bring the boats into the river because of all the whales, so naturally they hunted them to near extinction... so lovely to see the whales returning...

For me, it was lovely to watch a mother and her newborn getting to know one another, unhindered and so naturally. A beautiful reminder for me of things to come...


  1. It was such exciting news, although we did not brave the traffic to see them this time. I'm hoping this is the start of many more whale birthings in the Derwent.

    How extra special to have it at your beach, the girls must have been thrilled.

  2. a truly beautiful moment...

  3. My sister just came back from Queensland where she paid good money to see whales in the ocean. She could have saved some money eh?
    Did you get any good photos?

  4. They are so beautiful, we have them birthing here off Warrnambool too, always brings in the tourists.

  5. what a rare opportunity - lucky owlets (and parents of owlets)

  6. Beautiful! You're very blessed to see such a gorgeous event.


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