22 August 2010

one thing...

I have a market in two weeks and a few orders to fill and though I'm starting to wind down a bit, I'm hoping to get stuff done before it gets too uncomfortable to sit behind the machine... So, in an effort to overcome my crafty rut, I'm going to attempt to make something each day. One whole thing. I may have bitten off more than I can chew...

Today's thing is the felt crown little owlet is modelling. I'm intending it for the market or the shop. If I don't get around to listing it though and you think your little owlet might love it, let me know and its yours. x


  1. I see your challenge & I match it...! (As long as drawings can count as a 'thing' too, since I don't have a market to prepare for or anything lol)

    ...am I already regretting this?! Yes. No. Yes. I hear you on the crafty rut.. I have to do SOMETHING!!!

  2. What a great idea, something each day, so simple. Easier said then done, when it comes to me getting stuff done that is!
    The crown is uber cute! What a lovely model you have :)

  3. fantastic idea! gah don't think I can do it, oh maybe I can. I'll let you know!! I really want to.


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