9 August 2010

unschool monday :: the zone - part two

You observe them every day, watch them play and move around their environment. Then one day they use something in a way they never have before and you see its working. They go and get the puzzle book from the cupboard, sit down and complete the whole thing. Bubble wrap one week, jigsaw puzzles the next. Who knew they could do that? We've had weeks of surprises like this lately. Sometimes its the quiet, gradual reminders that they are growing and changing, others the surprise of little owlet writing MUM on a card and giving it to me. They learn from each other, from us, from the world around them and its amazing, normal and wonderful to witness.


  1. I love reading about what you are up to at "school".

  2. Cherish these moments, they are sooooooooo precious, they grow up all too quickly.
    But even as teenagers,they keep on surprising you.


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