2 September 2010

Hello Spring...

A sunny morning and a new season to celebrate. The owlets woke to a freshly decorated nature table yesterday, with a few little surprises around the place. A rainbow, some new crafty bits, older things we've had tucked away for them to explore all over again...

Some new yarn and knitting needles, fresh books to fill, flowers from the garden and a clean fresh space to draw and write, work and play. We always find ourselves needing a shake-up towards the end of a season and incorporate a little more rhythm and structure (very loose structure) in our unschooly days. New seasons tend to re-focus us and get us back on track. More on that next unschool monday... Until then, we're loving spring and a breath of fresh air - mind you, as I type this, its raining... and there's still a hint of snow on the mountain.


  1. I'm excited to be the first to post a comment for this post.

    What a cute little natural table! I just love reading your blog, it has given me such inspiration :)

    Kate, Burnie, Tas :)

  2. I know what you mean about the seaons bringing more rythm. I always seem to lose my mojo around the end of a season and then get all inspired again at the start of a new one! We have been spring cleansing too, though I fear it may take more than the first day or two of spring, but hey thats why we have the WHOLE season ;)

  3. Ooh, Lauren, just lovely. What a treat for you to do that for the owlets. Lucky ducks! I would love to buy that wooden rainbow in the first photo. Would you mind sharing where you bought it? Thanks J x

  4. Just lovely, lovely, lovely Lauren. You create so much inspiration for me.

  5. We love the Sun Egg too. A favourite. Your Spring table looks lovely.



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