20 September 2010

unschool monday :: signs of spring

Spring has been slow to visit our part of the world. Snow on the mountain later than expected and rain and cold temperatures that didn't come until August... We've been dreaming of warm, sunny days and waiting... making the most of any patch of sun we can find and getting out in it, looking for any hints of spring... then we take a picture. Its like a seasonal treasure hunt. Reminding the owlets of what's to come and making it a little more exciting wandering the neighbourhood... So what have we found?

Snail tracks..

Weeds growing in the cracks...

Blossoms everywhere (ooh imagine the apricots we'll have come summer!!)...

Owlets in short sleeves and skirts in the garden...

A green tinge to our favourite tree...

The source of the green...

Flowers along the way and something to do with them...

Both chooks are laying again!! Time to plant out more of the garden again too... This is big owlet's big project at the moment. She's sorted through all the packets of seeds, picked out what she likes, written a list and planted out a square of the vegie patch. Yay! The gardening bug has hit (inspired by a wander through the local community garden) and she's excited about writing, not to mention all the other concepts she's covering... She's excited about cooking at the moment too (thank-you Junior Masterchef), and really looking forward to cooking what she's grown. Little owlet? Well she has a small bug phobia to contend with... not such a lover of the great outdoors and things that crawl... She's enjoying planting seedlings though and playing with the watering can - I think she's looking forward to summer and days at the beach...


  1. Very impressed by your big owlets enthusiasm for veggie gardening. How wonderful! Its such a lovely thing for kids to learn and be a part of.

  2. It all sounds wonferful! Especially getting the garden ready and the sunshine!
    Bring on the warmth :)

  3. I have been the lucky mummy getting blossoms every day after school as my children carefully (strip) sprigs off the trees outside their school. They are also in Tshirts & shorts, it's still 5C at 9a.m. in Canberra?? Love Posie


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