9 September 2010

our creative space :: when the wheels fall off.

Well after Monday's smug post about how organised we are with our rhythm and stuff, reality hit again. The various bugs we'd been fighting off caught up with us. I know I'm not alone in this... my facebook news feed reads like a daily bodily fluid update of houses around Australia. It seems everyone has something nasty going on. Really, we're not bad in comparison, but a general feeling of blah has descended upon the owlet nest. The wheels fell off last night and so Huz has taken a couple of days to stay home with us while we all get back to feeling like our old selves... and get a bit organised. Owlets have taken to iview. I've taken to wandering around the house sighing at all the piles of stuff to do and occasionally groaning as I bend to pick something up and Huz, well he's pottering.

In an effort to get us a bit motivated and move away from screens etc., we've taken to turns around the garden to check out the first apricot blossoms, plan the veggie patch and what to plant next and indulge in a bit of craft together. Today we made these Steiner inspired faeries. Its mostly about the process, rather than the product (trust me!!), although the owlets have whisked theirs away for a play in the dolls house...


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  1. The fairies look gorgeous and I hope you are all feeling in higher spirits soon. Ups and downs of life I guess is a rythum too? :0) xkate

  2. Sorry to hear there are unwell Owlets but love the pic of stay at home Dad making faeries with his little lassies :)

  3. There are times like these, aren't there? Glad you're still finding some ways to get through. Feel better, all of you!

  4. Hope you're feeling better soon Owlet family.

  5. Yep we have been hit with sicknes of late too! Hope you are all enjoying some time together though. We made the same little fairies through winter, they are great arent they!?

  6. The fairies look lovely, and a nice project for kids.


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