4 September 2010

things #9 & #10

P1160205, originally uploaded by owletmama.

Well I started this the other day, but, you know... owlets and all... interruptions happen as do sniffles and strange fevers... Here's #9 all finished, anyhow. Big owlet loves this skirt best. Its size 4-6, but she just might squeeze into it... As for #10, well I can't show you because its on my way to Dad for Father's Day tomorrow. Very chuffed that I managed to make something in amongst it all...

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  1. Lauren, this is just the prettiest skirt I have seen in ages. You are so talented. I think my daughter may be the lucky beneficiary of some of your loveliness very soon.
    Jane @ http://lifeonplanetbaby.blogspot.com


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