28 September 2010

problem solved


So the blog posts have been few and far between and I've been terribly slack with replying to comments, not to mention visiting my faves and seeing what everyone's up to... truth is its just too uncomfortable sitting at the table using the computer with my... erm... expanding girth. Not long to go, sure, but then what? Plenty of newborn snuggles and hours spent breastfeeding on the couch... with the computer all the way over there... just out of reach and most likely occupied by owlets anyhow! The blog's days were numbered along with my sanity and contact with the world outside the owlet nest. So when the lovely Bec announced that she was passing on her old girl, I didn't waste time :) Thanks Bec! So here she is at our place... all shiny and new looking and working beautifully, as macs do. So now I'm all set to keep growing (oh gosh, really?!!) and keep connected.

Just as a side note, isn't that the most obscenely large jam drop cookie you've ever seen?!!


  1. Oh i can totally imagine, i got so big in my pregnancies i had to learn forward with my belly on the chair & type in short spurts. Oh my aching back!! Love Posie

  2. The laptop is such a wonderful thing for the pregnant and boobing mumma :)
    And yes, certainly a huge biscuit! Enjoy.

  3. The cookie is pregnant goddess sized, of course!

    Glad you found The Solution.

  4. Perfect ! Good on Bec :)

    Warm thoughts to you and the olwet troop as the day draw near - such a special time fro everyone.

    I think we would all understand if went AWOL for a time ;)

  5. JEALOUS!! Of the the mac that is.... well ok the jam drop too.

  6. Ah, yes, the laptop was the key to my sanity post-birth, for sure! There were a lot of lazy nursing/web-surfing hours spent on this baby! The jam drop ... well, it looks like the perfect size to me!

  7. Hurrah! I'm so glad she's come to live at your place, I know she's found a good home :) I don't care what the naysayers say - Macs are the bomb!

  8. Thats a cake sized jam drop :o) I am glad you'll still be blogging, I am terrible at visiting and commenting but love dropping in here and then, its lovely to do a catch up when you can.


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