6 August 2011

owlets + Feist

Before we moved to Tasmania, we imagined a better life for ourselves. A place where our children (there was only one back then), could grow up and feel safe. Where we might have a lovely garden. And cozy winters, with a fire place. We listened to Feist's song Mushaboom and she described it all perfectly. The dream, the longing. Then Huz got a fantastic job offer in Hobart and we listened to that album, Let it Die, constantly as we packed the house up.

Then we arrived. And little owlet arrived too, then we bought our nest. And Feist released a new album, The Reminder. It was hugely popular and made her famous. We named a guinea pig after her. I think she may have come close to that dream, just as we did. Big owlet wanted to listen to it every day in the car on the way to kindy. Every Day. When we rounded a certain bend in the road, I knew that a certain song would play and Big Owlet would bellow "KATE'S FAVOURITE SONG!!", speaking of my sister who danced to that song with her. And the owlets know every word. I can match certain bends in the road to each song on that album. I'd listen to it and think about not driving on that road twice each day. Then we took a leap and chose unschooling and we didn't listen so much...

So Feist is making a new album. It sounds new and exciting and I wonder what new adventures are waiting for us too.

Does your life has a soundtrack? Can you trace your adventures with certain music too?

Follow Feist's adventures here.


  1. We've lived in NSW, WA and Qld. My mum and dad lived in Tassie. I often dream DH will get a job in Hobart!

    My blog is named Defying Gravity because that song resonates so much with me and reflects our choice to homeschool. We listened to the Wicked Soundtrack as we prepared to make the leap!

    I have lots of other soundtracks too, but that one resonates the most.

  2. I totally have a soundtrack for my life!! So wonderful that you do, too. I can't wait to watch all these videos and hear this music that means so much to you.

    There's such great energy in this post. Makes me think of all our adventures and the music that came along for the ride! Thank you for this, Lauren. Another lovely gift from you :)

  3. Swwwwwoooooon. Feist. Swwwwoooooon.I always find we have a simialr soundtrack.....might be hearing the beat of the same (different) drummer...xxx

  4. Hey, I like your soundtrack. I probably should do something about ours. Given that ABC radio (TALKBACK no less) is on (almost) from the moment I wake up to the one when I waft off to sleep. I think our kids recognise the bips that happen on the hour from inside the womb...

  5. We make our own awesome (but of course) road trips cd that the children have always participated in creating. Many songs from pre-kids are always on there - Echo Beach, Golden Brown, Sinead O'Connor, etc.

    I've never heard of Feist! Thank you, Fern and I just watched all the clips. She was very intrigued.


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