17 August 2011

worldly wednesday :: Mexican birthday fiesta!


At Big Owlet's request, inspired by Betty's Chihuaua heritage, we made a flying visit to Mexico for her eighth birthday. It was the perfect end to a day spent rollerskating and picnicing on the beach.


With her bestie and her sister beside her, three little amigos played with sombreros and fake mustaches, under papel picado flags made the day before. Actually, we all had a go while the mariachi music played.

My creation

Dinner was burritos and nachos and corn...


Followed by cake, designed to Big Owlet's specifications.


Eaten according to tradition, with a big bite by the birthday girl while we all shouted "Mordida!"


Next it was time for pinata, which took quite a beating before the owlets scooped up armfuls of lollies and headed to the bedroom to snuggle and watch Beverly Hills Chihuaua and chatter 'til midnight.


I couldn't think of a better place to spend an eighth birthday. Feliz Cumpleanos, Big Owlet! xx

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