31 August 2011

worldly wednesday :: India


Little owlet chose this week's country. I don't think it's what she was expecting, but we all had a wonderful time...


We learnt lots about Indian music and dancing, did some yoga, learnt some Hindi, watched a little Bollywood, painted our bodies with Henna, applied bindis, wore saris and ate...


Oh how we ate... Tandoori, dahl, rice, paneer, pakora, naan, raita, mango lassi and papadums. Lots of old favourites and enough there to feed two families...


Then, as a contrast, we discussed extreme poverty, large population... We talked about how there are fifty times more people in India living in a space smaller than half of Australia. Talked about how we could be better sharers. Talked about how fortunate we are. Again.

I'm loving just how much these worldly wednesdays are making us think. And learn. I'm sure we could be doing more for each country. But the owlets (particularly Big Owlet) are extremely suss when it comes to educational activities. They do NOT want to be taught anything. Instead, interesting facts are slipped into conversation. Dress ups and food are permitted, cos they're fun and the odd art/craft activity is permitted too. Also fun. But anything else is met with a folding of arms, a crossing of eyebrows and a pouting of lips. Unless it was their idea, or their motivation, they don't want to know... So Huz and I read up for ourselves, talk together and wait for their ears to prick up or their interests to be sparked and along we go...


  1. Oh my - how cute does Tiny Owlet look with her bindi?!?!? Meltworthy, fo sho!

    I couldn't even talk mine into the concept of this. I think she cottoned on I was trying to do something edumacational. I get a little more jealous with every WW post!

    And next time, I know where you can find that 2nd family that loves Indian food ;)

  2. I love this activity you do with your owls.
    When my little girl is a little bigger insurance do trips around the world ... in our own home.

    It's great for me as a parent to read your experience in activities with your children.

    Thank you very much for sharing.

    Warm regards from Chile


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