3 August 2011

worldly wednesday :: France (part two)


Well I missed last week's post about our French travels, what with birthdays and flu, but we've decided to stay in our next country for a couple of weeks also, so plenty of time to catch up... France has been our favourite country so far. As I mentioned, there was lots of French conversation, surprising myself at how much I remembered - occasionally making it up! We listened to some of our favourite bands, like Phoenix and Air...


On Saturday, we listened to our Edith Piaf record over petit dejeuner. Then we hopped in the car and after a garage sale, and a wander around the botanic gardens, we went in search of Hobart's French history. A drive down the D'Entrecasteaux Channel, stopping off for a quick cheese tasting at the Grandvewe sheep cheesery, then ate bread and cheese, looking across at Bruny Island.


Sunday lunch the next day was Poule au Pot. A meal eaten in the south west of France, traditionally on Sundays. A delish pot full of chicken, vegies and broth. Very healthy, very yum. Followed by chocolate souffle which did not do what it was supposed to for a number of reasons so I didn't photograph it. But it tasted yum all the same. With full tummies, we watched some Tour de France highlights and a couple of Saunday arvo classic movies. Le Ballon Rouge and then, as the owlets demanded a talking movie, we watched Funny Face. Not easy to find kid friendly non subtitled French films! But these were so perfect.


We've decided to continue speaking French whenever possible and we're going to do a little online course so the others can understand what I'm talking about. Big owlet is particularly keen because she is in love with the Eiffel Tower and all things Paris. She wants to live there one day. I can totally see her doing it. I've not mentioned that her grandparents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary there in less than a month. She'll be positively green with envy.

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  1. That sounds like a fabulous day! I love reading your worldly Wednesday adventures, you are giving me so many ideas for unschooling my wee girl - thankyou!
    Ps. Thanks for the washboard tip, that website looks great :)


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