21 July 2012

little icy fingers


My owlets seem not to feel the cold. Tiny Owlet spends all of her days at home bereft of pants. The owlets will happily wander barefoot through frosty grass... They do seem a little less pleasant to be around on days where they've forgotten shoes though. I try, for the most part, to keep them warm and snuggly. It keeps things happier and healthier on chilly winter days.

The owlets, however, insist on eating icypoles, even on the coldest days. Fortunately, my time spent pinning comes to good use occasionally and I was able to whip up a few of these icy pole holders the other day.  I had about 3 minutes in which to do it, so mine aren't as polished as the original tutorial. But they are functional... and those little fingers are a lot less icy. Which is great news for me when those teeny little hands no longer seek to warm themselves under my shirt! Ice blocks I tell you! Ice blocks!


  1. Oh heavens, I've just come home from the beach where the smallest and most unwell defiantly removed boots, socks and coat... No one has requested icy poles (yet!?!).

  2. Very industrious! And my girl was sooooo excited when I came home with her favourite ice blocks from the supermarket the other day. She has no nerve endings either!

  3. I made them too!! Bunny loves frozen yogurt "icy poles" !!


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