31 July 2012

tree of life


When Big Owlet was born, we were so happy to have her here, healthy and by any means. We didn't take the time to think about what her experience may be like. We didn't offer her the most optimal birth. We didn't know until I birthed at home, exactly how peaceful and respectful birth could be. The way we birth is important. Not just for the mother, but it is also important to provide our babies with a birth that honours their journey. The gentlest, safest birth, and a time after birth that is respectful, gentle and nurturing. We didn't look at Big Owlet's placenta with amazement when it was held up to us at the hospital. We were just happy it was out and gone and done with, so we could get on with things. It didn't occur to us that the placenta would be important to Big Owlet. It was removed from her before the cord stopped pulsating and taken away.


Big Owlet has seen two beautiful, healthy placentas. It was the first thing she looked for when her sister, Little Owlet was born. She's marvelled at them, studied them, held them and helped bury them under trees in our garden. She has a huge amount of respect for the tree of life that has helped grow and nourish two of her sisters. She's confused as to why we threw hers away. She wants to have her own placenta tree. She wants to know that we think her placenta, the beautiful thing that grew and gave her life, is important too...


So, I asked my beautiful friend Apwool to make a placenta for Big Owlet. Quirky, yes. But very symbolic and very important for our placenta lovin' owlet. When she opened the parcel from Apwool yesterday, she teared up. "Its my placenta!" she beamed. She cuddled it tightly, then inspected it and held the umbilical cord to her navel. It's super cuddly, so she's decided to spend some time snuggling and bonding with it and maybe one day, when she's ready, she'd like to bury it under a pear tree in the garden, next to her sisters' trees. Thanks again Apwool for such a generous and beautiful gift of time and love (and felt!). This has gone such a long way to showing Big Owlet that we respect and honour her experience and healing that somewhat. Such an important need to meet for each of our owlets and a simple gift I'm so glad we were able to provide.


  1. I've been gifted with an Apwool placenta too after my traumatic third stage experience with baby #2. I teared up too! So I understand why Big Owlet would love this.

  2. Oh. Lauren. This is beautiful. What an amazing, respectful, loving family you are. Look at the joy on your girl's face! (And I love that she's also gently holding a kitty tail in her other hand). Just lovely :)

  3. Your post had me teary.
    My eldest never got to see her placenta either, neither of us did
    This might be something I consider down the track x
    What a beautiful thing

  4. What a lovely way to honor your older daughters wishes!

  5. what a beautiful gesture, lucky girl to have some a thoughtful mum!

  6. WOW !! so wonderfully thoughtful and considerate ! You guys amaze me with your love and patience and connection.

  7. How beautiful to see stuff like placentas being so natural to a young girl! Your family is so inspirational. xo


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