4 July 2012

owlets rock out

Big Owlet feeling the music #singing #bandpractice

Our favourite thing about Melbourne is family. We miss them so much when we are home and quietly wish they'd followed us when we made the journey down here to Hobart... Alas, they are city folk. And we are not (well not for very long)... For the owlets, a large highlight of their time with family is hanging out in their uncle Cam's rehearsal studio. Most of their rock dreams are fulfilled...

Little Owlet feels it too #drums #bandpractice

 Usually they spend hours rehearsing before a chaotic grand performance. Cam is so generous with his time, treating the owlets as equals, allowing them to share his space, showing them how to use the instruments and encouraging their ideas. It's pretty ace. They're so blessed to have him.

Tiny Owlet joins in too #keyboard #vocals #bandpractice

I'm looking forward to more rehearsals, more gigs and more opportunities to cheer wildly to the random musical stylings of our owlets... especially when their new cousin owlet joins in! Good times ahead!!

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