2 July 2012

unschool monday :: the universe at our feet


We really do have the best of everything... We are so fortunate to be living in this time and place where information is so accessible. And for our owlets to be out in it, asking, learning constantly, witnessing real life everyday. There are so many opportunities to see, touch, interact. Our last week has been mind expanding for all our owlets. They've met new family members, made new friends, developed new fascinations, learnt so much... Before we left, things were getting a bit stale. Wheels were falling off. Big Owlet was asking for "something to dooooo!". But after a week away, a week of a completely different lifestyle, a different universe, home and normal is just right. They have a new perspective on their surroundings, each of them, and they are so ready to launch back into life as they know it, in our nest.

Big Owlet informs me that today she begins a new job, in the playroom, starting at 7.30am. Little Owlet clocks on at 8am. I shall be very interested to find out what careers they've chosen this time... Perhaps they'll branch into something new that they encountered while away... Tram driver, Museum Curator, Zoo Keeper, Astronomer... The universe really is at their feet...

Thanks for reading along this Unschool Monday. I'm a week behind, catching up on last week's links when I was away from the computer... can't wait! Sooo good to catch up with everyone again. Next time I have a cuppa in hand, that's what I'll do. Yes! I hope you'll join in and read along and maybe add your link too!


  1. Love that pic of tiny and the post title. Supercute! Glad youre all home safe and sound. There really is no place like home, hence we birth there ;)

  2. I agree with Sazz, glorious photo :)

  3. Beautiful post, I loved the pic too!

  4. Just Gorgeous :) Our boys are homebodies to and love coming back to their home whenever we have been away :) xx Ruth xx


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