17 July 2012


Sneak peek no.3 #natural #beeswax #crayons
Sneak peek no.2 #rainbow #spiralgarden
Teeny tiny sneak peek... Lovely new things for the garden!

Beeswax crayons, gnomes, rainbows, spirals, felt... these are some of the things that have kept us busy of late. So busy! Filling our nights and even our days with stuff to do. It is exciting and fun, but there's lots more to do! In case you missed it, Huz and I are the proud new owners of a lovely online shop called Spiral Garden. We've been buying things from there for a number of years. I've even supplied them with some of my own handmade wares. We intend to continue to support local crafters, artists, designers and WAHMs, keeping the environment, ethics and budgets in mind... It's a huge challenge to grow this lovely thing and find more time in days that are already so stretched. But we hope it's the beginning of wonderful new things.

You can find Spiral Garden on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. The blog is over here and this is the shop. I hope you'll join us and watch it grow as we introduce many more lovely things. We hope it'll be a lovely organic thing, just like any garden should be. xx


  1. Congratulations on taking over such a great buisness. I've bought a few things from Spriral Garden in the past. Ejoy :-)

  2. great photos! Loving watching the changes you are making


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