2 August 2012

my creative space

I've been busy sewing skirts for @spiralgarden

It's been such a long time, but I finally found some creative space in my week! I mean, sure there's been creative parenting, business creativity, blogging and stuff like that... but the real creative stuff, where you set out to make a thing, you play with colour and pattern and you make a thing. A beautiful thing or a practical thing... that's the stuff I love most. There's a zone you get into when making and creating. A space. I love that space...

So anyway, this week, I made space to make some Owlet Garden Skirts for Spiral Garden. Three new skirts and this time they have a little pocket for treasures... But then this lovely woman came and visited and took off with two skirts tucked under one arm! I'm so glad her gorgeous little ones will be wearing them... But it looks like it'll be a little longer before there are skirts in the shop. More creating for me :)

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  1. they are gorgeous skirts no wonder she took two!

  2. And you should know that they fit perfectly!! Thank you so very much ♥


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