19 August 2012

sunday snippets

My little cake baron #helping #baking #cake

She was covered in chocolate ganache so I ate her. #scrumptious

Happy Birthday Blossom! #happybirthday #timeseries

My neighbour brought me flowers from her garden to say she thinks I'm doing such a good job as a mama. Isn't that lovely? #neighbourly #love

It was time for a change... #hellofringe #mamanurture #selfie

Doctor' Owlet's Pretend Patient. #bandage #silk

Beautiful, soft pastel wooden rainbows for spring #spring #rainbows #spiralgarden

Waiting patiently at the lazy susan shop #fridaynight #dinner #chinese

{sunday snippets} A collection of photos from your week. No need for words. Let the pictures tell your story. More here


  1. So much growth between 5 & 6 in particular, with another spurt between 8 & 9. I always think of her as her 7yo self for some reason.

    Love the Cake Baron....and what a gorgeous neighbour!

    Totally rockin' that fringe, too :D (But now I have Ricky Martin in my head singing "She Bangs" - definitely time for sleep!)

  2. Oh gorgeous. Love the years of growth of gal and pretty tree. And that photo of you is gorgeous!!! Stunner!

    love your Sunday snippetsxx

  3. That first photo nearly made me laugh out loud. And the year by year shots are great.

  4. The time line is fabulous! Beautiful young lady and lovely tree. Gorgeous pic of you. Lol at the DÁrtagnan look-a-like.


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