8 August 2012

magic mountain


Last Thursday we slept in...we slept in so late that we missed our play dates and work that day... Not our finest moment, but after super late nights spent tending Spiral Garden and big owlet days, I figure we needed it. Huz called in to work and organised a couple of last-minute annual leave days (thank-you understanding boss!), during what appears to be an unusually quiet period at work, and we were all set to get back on track... Have breakfast and make the day shiny and new again...


We took Tiny Owlet to see snow for the first time. She ate it. Little Owlet rolled in it and Big Owlet threw it. Pretty much sums where they're each at developmentally. Ha! Huz and I ducked snowballs and enjoyed the sun and peace up on top of the mountain and felt recharged again. How lucky we are to have that just up the road. Somewhere to escape for a quick adventure and turn the day around... It still amazes me after all this time that it's all just there, so close...

Have you ever up to a day that looks different to what you expected? Have you ever had to make a day shiny and new and start over? How did you do that? Was there snow? 


  1. Thats a very magical mountain, where is it?

  2. Oh the icicle picture looks like a glass ornament on a Christmas tree. Lovely.

  3. What a gorgeous time together. My kids have never seen snow. I would love to take them some day. Melbourne just seems so far away from anything snowy!

    I often have days that turn out different to how I'd planned. Yesterday actually the day turned shitty without me anticipating it and I didn't cope that well. Oh well, hopefully today will balance it out with abundant awesomeness! :)


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