13 August 2012

unschool monday :: the nature of unschooling


Unschooling, like learning, happens all the time and everywhere.


When the world is your classroom and there is no timetable for learning, every day and every outing is an opportunity for learning new things.


Taking time to slow down and spend time in nature and together is pretty important. The conversation flows and so do the questions.


When there is no timetable and no set teacher, the responsibility to pass on information is shared. It's not just up to me to educate these owlets. It is up to Huz too. It is up to our extended family and our whole community. All we need to do is listen, ask questions, seek answers, pass on knowledge. It is that simple...


It means that time spent together is precious. And important. It means that the different knowledge and skills Huz and I bring with us are important and useful. We share the load in that way, passing on what we know and sharing our passions with our owlets.


It also means the responsibility for what they learn is up to them. They learn independently, supported by their community. They learn to be independent. They learn to help themselves. They learn that there are always people around them who will support them and that they are important and needed too.


They figure out their place in the world, their place in nature...


And their place in their family. So often people tell me they couldn't unschool because they could never get their children to listen, they couldn't take on that responsibility, they couldn't spare the time... But the nature of unschooling means that the burden is shared... And rather than working against each other, you work together. You listen to each other. The learning just happens, naturally... That is the nature of it.

Thanks for reading along with Unschool Monday. If you have a question for me, or one of the other participants on the linkup, ask away! I'm happy to try and answer here next time. If you feel like linking up, it'd be lovely to have you on board and see how unschooling happens at your nest. xx


  1. Beautifully written and gorgeous photos. Very inspiring, thank you :o)

  2. Lovely post. I thought I added a link to join in, but can't see it.
    Thanks for hosting Unschool Monday :)

  3. Sorry, I guess I was a little impatient..it's there now :)

  4. Im very curious about unschooling! Do your children not go to school at all? Do you follow a correspondence system? Do you have a teacher's background? Did you go to school?....Well as you can see, many many questions!!!

  5. Hello, I am linking up here first time, only recently discovered your space and that you now have Spiral garden, I have bought a few things their from time to time... Anyway I am on a tentative journey with free style education in our home life which we are about to take on the road, I am eating up your posts and thank you for sharing, heart encouraging for me!

  6. i love that we are unrestricted with where and when learning happens.

  7. The world is the best classroom :)

  8. Such a lovely post, really enjoyed your comment on the shared burden!

  9. I love your pictures, looks like you had a great outing :)


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