8 September 2012

chaos and the kitchen sink


Life in our nest seems to have found a happy kind of jumbled chaos. The kind of chaos one would expect with three owlets home all day and a mama and papa working every spare minute on their new lovely adventure. There is seldom time to scratch and we are working every day to try and find some order, flow and rhythm to our days. I can deal with the chaos being there, I accept it, but too much and my head is jumbled. I can't think to create or hold a concise conversation, or blog... *note the long week of bloggy silence here*... There is always love and lots of fun in our nest, but somehow, these days, there is always a tiny bit of chaos... It may or may not come mostly in the form of two toddler kittens and one Tiny Owlet...

This week, we've managed to get things done by making use of the kitchen sink. The realisation came the day after it took me five hours to clean our small art supply cupboard and Huz arrived home to an explosion of art materials in the dining room, crayon all over the couch and texta all over the baby. Some days, in order to get things done, I need an extra set of hands, or a delightful distraction for Tiny. Water is always my go-to when chaos takes hold.

I remember when my sister bathed in the kitchen sink. I remember when Big Owlet bathed in the kitchen sink and the joy that came from splashing in the room that is heart of our home... I'm super glad that our new kitchen sink is huge enough that Tiny can bathe in there for a while to come. Because gosh it's great to have a moment to pause the Tiny whirlwind, but delight in her delight at the same time!

This month I'm about making lists.
I'm about clearing my head.
I'm about sorting a gentle family rhythm that works for us.
I'm about spring cleaning... the house, and myself.
I'm about setting aside some more time to dream... I haven't read a book in about two years.
I'm about finishing some projects that aren't business related.
I'm about making time for friends again.
I'm about remembering to send gifts.
I'm about remembering...

I'm incredibly ambitious. I may need to hire an au pair, or give up sleep... I've moved on from lamenting the absence of nearby family, or a village in my neighbourhood. I've given up wishing that society was designed in such a way that we were more supported in our choices. I've stopped wishing for a slower pace of life and I'm at the realisation that it's just time to roll up my sleeves and work hard.

But I'm also realising that I'm not super human, so just making a chip at the lists will be enough. My reality involves children at home all day, and they require me to be with them, connected, working alongside them. And that's a full-time job in itself. One thing each day will be ok. And if I can find simple ways to get things sorted, while delighting in the gorgeous, simple stuff like baths in the kitchen, I reckon I'll be half way there...

How do you cope with chaos in your home? Do you embrace it? 
Do you have support, or do you have to just get on with things?
How do you keep a clear head amongst the day to day lovely jumble of life?


  1. We have total chaos, I'm mostly overwhelmed and we have no support. I am hopeful I can build some community but that is slow, slow work.

  2. I reckon an au pair could be really helpful, sounds like you have a lot, lot, lot on your plate with the business, the owlets and home to care for... not to mention you!

  3. Tricky. I have only one child and he's now 12 and I feel busy enough. I often think of my friends, particularly my homeschooling ones, who have 3 and 4 (and 2!) kids and wonder how they do it. I don't cope well with chaos. So for you to have 3 kidlets, home school and run a business and home is just absolutely amazing and I take my many, many, piled-up-on-top- of-my-head hats to you. I think you're doing so very, very wonderfully. xxx
    And that sink is a fanastic idea!!!

  4. I agree an au pair or similar sounds like a great idea. I work from home as well and have a uni student come in 3 mornings a week to help. She plays with the kids while I hideaway and get some work done (or occasionally just duck out for some 'mental health' time to meet a friend for coffee) and we all love her. We don't have any family close by so I love that my kids have another adult in their lives that they can relate to. She's studying music and often brings her guitar or flute along and does music with them which they love.

  5. I try to accept the chaos. We tackle it in big chunks of time on my days off. Usually we all chip in for a couple of hours and that gets enough containment to keep me sane for a little while.

    I think I'm the only one in our family who is bothered by it. My husband has been at home as long as we've been together and is naturally more able to overlook the mess.

    Water *is* a great occupier,isn't it? I wish our sink was that big :)

  6. That is one nice kitchen sink, convertible to baby bathtub. So cute in the picture.



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