24 September 2012

what actually happened...


We had very little sleep.
Tiny Owlet had a sore tummy.
She needed lots of extra cuddles all day long.
We woke late. I didn't have time to exercise. 
Little Owlet got distracted when getting dressed. As usual. She wore pyjamas all day.
She built a dolls house out of some of the boxes we have lying around for Spiral Garden.
She didn't stop all morning.
Big Owlet continued along with her Minecraft obsession. 
She played with a friend for a few hours, then planned out what else she'd like to do. On Minecraft.
Then she drew a self portrait. As a Minecraft character. 
Tiny Owlet continued along with her 'going to the toilet' obsession.
We're not allowed to call it a toilet. She prefers "loo". 
She finally napped after the 86th loo visit. 
All the toys managed to be on the lounge room floor at the same time, for a portion of the day.
I took it as an opportunity to de-clutter. 
There's now a large pile of stuff by the front door, on it's way out. 
Tiny Owlet found an egg in the chook house. She carried it inside triumphantly to show her sisters. 
There was no flour for bread making. Or bread for lunch. 
We had a platter for lunch, instead of dinner as I had planned. 
The washing piled up as the hail came down. 
There was no afternoon tea... but the platter just kept getting replenished.
The house looked like a bomb site when Huz arrived home. 
The smaller two owlets discovered the face paint while Huz and Big Owlet were at scouts.
I had tiger stripes on my cheeks, to match the owlets. 
Tiny Owlet learnt about pins and needles in her legs.
Bath time happened while I de-cluttered the bathroom cabinet. At dinnertime. 
Dinner happened late.
I forgot to light the fire.
We didn't read a book today. 
The Owlets crashed out, exhausted after a long, quiet, fun filled day at home.
Huz and I are decompressing as quickly as possible, enjoying each other's company and the quiet. And chocolate. We'll be in bed much later than we should be...

Even the best of intentions can be thwarted sometimes. Usually the best way to enjoy a day like that is to puddle along with it and so puddle we did. The Owlets had a great day. And stuff did get done, despite the haphazard, unpredictable nature of it all...  The aforementioned rhythm is a little way off. But I have figured out that de-cluttering and simplification in ALL aspects of my life are what I'm needing right now. I can't expect days to flow if there's unnecessary stuff in the way. It just makes it harder to enjoy the simple beauty of a day that rolls along all by itself... I need to let go of some of that stuff that holds me down if I'm ever going to feel like I can swim through these days, or flow with them, rather than sink under their weight. That's what this year has been about for me. I'm getting there... Baby steps.

Have you been de-cluttering lately? 
Does extra stuff weigh you down? 
Do you flow with days that turn out very differently to how you imagined? 
Or do you work to stick to the plan?


  1. I find if the house starts to get really cluttered, it makes me feel trapped. For me, a messy house makes for a messy mind. I feel like I can breathe easier when the house is sorted and things are back in their place. And its a win for the local op shop too!

  2. Hi owl mama, what a beautiful collection of photos and words!
    Thanks for being a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted by Cathy aka {tinniegirl} last year. Thought you might be interested to know that we're running it again in 2012. You can find all the info at: http://isawyoudancing.blogspot.com.au/p/blogtoberfest-2012.html
    And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
    Kat xxx

  3. I'm not the best at de-cluttering but you've inspired me with the way you do a bit at a time -- much more doable for those of us with lots of great peeps and things like laundry to do. Thanks!

  4. I'm decluttering at the moment - must be spring or something! Wardrobes were first. Kitchen cupboards last week. Feels good. My days NEVER go as planned - don't know why I bother really!

  5. I am becoming obsessed with decluttering at the moment, it is a nice change from my normal hoarding tenancies. A friend & I are both at it, driving literally van-loads of stuff to the op-shops in the evenings when the children are asleep. It feels SO GOOD to be free of the STUFF that just sits around. All the kids have had their wardrobes pared back so that there can be no mountains of washing. It feels good, in fact the more I do the more clutter I see about the house! Freecycle has been great for giving stuff away as well. Now I'm happy when the littlest grows out of clothes as I have a hand-it-on system in place to find homes for the gear straight away. Our daily rhythms are always changing, I figure they need to as the seasons changes, children grow, interests grow or wane. Perhaps it is having a large family but realistically our home rhythm is always in a state of gradual transition, and that is what works best for us.

    Best wishes with the decluttering!


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