16 September 2012

sunday snippets

Loving Breakfast Choke.    (pic by @owletmama)
Sewing! This garden skirt will be hitting the shop soon @spiralgarden
Oh come on! Two against one is not fair!
Happy little ray of sunshine all gift wrapped and on its way out into the world #giftwrapping #spiralgarden
My 1,000th photo. Thanks for sticking around!
Churros is SERIOUS business. #spanishdonuts
Lone Cone.
Good morning little owlet #loveher #myview  #cosleeping

{sunday snippets} A collection of photos from your week.  No need for words.  Let the picture tell your story. Joining in with {tinniegirl} 


  1. wow, they are exquisite photos, loving your rainbow

  2. Gorgeous photos...love them all but the pine-cone is a stunning capture.

  3. Wonderful beautiful photos.
    I am seriously crushing on your life right now!
    xo Jen

  4. MMMM churros...great collection of photos ...I can feel some real slow pace in them . xx


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