19 September 2012

the afternoon shift...


I'm still struggling to find a way to organise our days into some regular kind of rhythm. I've been meaning to since the beginning of last summer... The days just seem to get away from me before I can think about it and the order that I'd like is overwhelmed by the chaos. And then the evenings take on a busy hum of their own and so there's nothing for it but to get up and approach the day as it comes... Thank goodness for unschooling, because I'm fairly sure that I'd fail miserably at setting any kind of curriculum-based learning right now.

Thanks to the passions of the owlets, our days do seem to be taking on a rhythm of their own design and I'm following and muddling along with that most days... Big Owlet has taken it upon herself to focus her afternoons (and sometimes mornings) on a passion that she is building independently. She plays minecraft most days, with her friends on Skype, and together they help each other find their way. She's absorbed in the kind of peer-based learning and socialising that she occasionally craves, while the rest of us bubble and buzz around her.


Little Owlet takes the opportunity to have her voice heard a little louder and we make things. Simple things and often things off the top of my head that Big Owlet has done, but are new to Little Owlet. She loves making them and especially making them with me, as I do her.


Tiny Owlet isn't quite so enthused and takes on a creativity and independence of her own most days... Often covered in strawberry juice and standing naked on the table we create on, she approaches things in a more deconstructive way. I focus on keeping the deconstruction to her own artwork, if I can, and that's how we muddle through our afternoons...


How about you? 
Are you pretty organised?
Do you have time to think about it? 
Do you muddle through the days like me? xx


  1. Not organised. Wish that I was. Professional muddler. I also have child who enjoys smearing strawberries over her face so maybe its an unschooling rite of passage?

  2. we are muddlers here too :) I'm away at work most days and the hubs is home. He's not much for organizational efforts. We just did our required by the state standardized tests and the kiddo compares favorably with her peers so I guess muddling is OK.

  3. ha ha. I have a 2-yr-old who's often naked in the middle of the table with various food, art supplies, etc while we are working on things. Not so organized here, but I think that's how we all like it. Each day seems so very different than the last that any attempt to create a rhythm might be more stressful than stress-relieving for us. I'm all for muddling :)


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