24 October 2012

Beautiful things...


I've been careful to keep this space fairly separate from my other space... It's been a busy few months growing Spiral Garden and it's been tricky to make sure there's enough brain space for owlet too... It has been a little quieter here because of it. But we've been having such a fun time choosing and sharing the things we love with a lovely bunch of customers. People have been so kind and welcoming and it's made it all the more enjoyable.

Right now we are sharing a special gift pack with our lovely Facebook likers and I thought I'd mention it here so that you can have a chance to win too... A favourite book, some wooden gnomes, a co-operative game, beeswax crayons and the first edition of Taproot magazine... Something for everyone there and all cherished things from our little shop. Do pop over and enter, won't you? xx

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  1. so many beautiful things in your store, love the quality art products, they do make such a difference in the enjoyment of practising art and the end result.


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