2 October 2012

Declutter all the things!


So I've been decluttering everything. It's been the perfect fix for the funk we've been in, and I suspect it may be the grand finale for this year which has been all about growing, refining and moving on. Spending time looking at who and what we don't want in our lives and letting it go has helped us appreciate what we do have. Slowing down to tidy and organise means everything seems so much clearer. Life flows better and there's a sense of abundance and ease that comes... a sense of freedom too.


There's so much more to do in this complete life declutter. So far we've covered toys, books and my clothes. Health is undergoing an overhaul and as a result, many of my clothes no longer fit... so I've been throwing them out. Out with the old... Up next is a food overhaul as we move closer to eating more real food. There's most definitely an online overhaul as we move to streamline our internet use before it swallows us up. The owlets are due for a clothing overhaul as I filter through the old hand-me downs and attempt to reduce the washing pile. Then there is the growing pile of outgrown baby and toddler clothes and one rather large decision floating around there... And of course there's my ever growing pile of craft projects. The elephant in the room... and cupboard... and linen press... because realistically I may never get to making some things. Or by the time I do, the owlets will be grown and have left home, so storing them all is rather pointless. Time to let it go...


When I think about it, it's no wonder that the day after I announce that we're going to implement and achieve an awesome new family rhythm, we all get sick. With two illnesses that we're just recovering from now... It's no wonder that our minds have felt clouded and tired for a long while. We've felt a little lost and perhaps out of touch with who we are... well, I have at least. With all this excess stuff. The accumulated stuff of family and life and living in modern society... It's no wonder that digging a way out of it feels liberating. We're stripping it all away slowly and simplifying and starting afresh.

How about you? Have you attempted a whole life declutter? 
Have you had to let a few things go? I've heard that it's not just me this year. That it might be a dragon year thing or something... I'm not sure. But it can only be good, right? 

Awesome things ahead! xx


  1. Yes owlet, we too have gone clean- radically selling everything of value and ditching the rest, most liberating, and confronting- you have me thinking about the dragon, maybe!

  2. Culling can be very liberating. We downsized a fair bit before we moved house. Then my FIL died and we inherited all of his stuff, so we were back where we started. We have trimmed a bit more and have incorporated some of his items throughout the house. As for outgrown children's clothes, I have culled a fair amount that no longer fit Squeak. However, I have kept a space bag of clothes I can't part with to pass onto the girls if they have girls of their own. My mother threw out all my childhood clothes so I have no memories or no funky clothes for my babies to wear, which I found really disappointing. So I would suggest to keep a few special items that you can pass down to them later.

  3. I just started a radical decluttering and am going to get rid of everything that's not nailed down! :) It is so liberating and, bit by bit, I can begin to breathe again! Winter is coming on here in Nebraska, USA, and we will be indoors during the cold, dark days. Having a home that is not overstuffed with clutter will be so much more cozy and comforting!



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