23 October 2012

Flea market frenzy


Last weekend we struck garage sale gold. After a few weeks decluttering, we decided to venture out garage saleing again. The words "Estate Sale" were enough motivation. And then there was the garage sale where the seller was wanting to sell everything to go fishing... We have enough for a few blog posts...


And I have enough fabric to keep me going for a good few years... Time for a declutter again, I think. Time to let go of projects I may never get to... And think up some new ones. What to do with 8m of vintage barkcloth? I couldn't very well leave it screwed up on the floor in the garden shed where I found it, and in perfect condition... but I must make sure it doesn't sit around waiting to be used in this house. It's too lovely for that.

Do you love a garage sale? 
What's the best thing you've found at one? 
What would you do with all that gorgeous fabric? xx


  1. Oh my goodness Lauren! That is the cutest barkcloth ever! Hmm, so many things you could make! Sweet peasant dresses, bags, curtains, quilt, doona covers... *sigh* no original ideas for you though sorry! You sure look like you took home a treasure trove :)
    I stopped doing private garage sales for some silly reason for years and only went to oppies and the occasional scouts garage sales. Picked a good one earlier this year though, must make it our summer mission :)
    Ps. So pleased that your girly tea cup planter has been put to such gorgeous use, have spotted it in a few pics :)

  2. Isn't it funny how the best finds pop up once you've decluttered? I too can't go past good fabric (I justify it by the price of new and eventually they do come in handy), good Pyrex and old tins. 8m of vintage barkcloth! I would be tempted to do some lace and doily patch curtains Dottie Angel style.

  3. OMG - Pyrex!!!!!!! I am rocking in envy here.

  4. What incredible finds!! I tend to avoid garage sales as DH is not the most patient sort and you have to sift through soooo much to find those amazing treasures. I tend to stick to op-shops, but I have scored some good things over the years. But 8 metres of barkcloth? Wow!! What amazing possibilites in that alone :)


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