8 October 2012

unschool monday :: nourishing learning


This week has been all about food. The owlets have been preparing their own food when possible and standing completely in the way right beside me whenever I cook. 


Little Owlet is particularly passionate about cooking. This week she discovered Nigella and narrated almost everything I did in the kitchen with a little bit of "Ah-ha! So that's how you do it!" thrown in for good measure when she observed something new. Usually she jumps in for some hands on learning too - "because that's how you really remember stuff, Mama."


I've been researching and learning all about how our food choices affect our health and how to nourish all of us in the way that we need. It's been all consuming (ha!) but finally I feel like I have my head around it and am equipped with the knowledge to implement it. We've all be along for the ride and thankfully the owlets have welcomed changes once I've shared my learnings with them. 


Huz has taken it upon himself to learn something new this week too. He's going to be our baker. He's armed himself with books and tools and he's working to hone his new skills. His first loaf wasn't a complete success, but it was wolfed down most gratefully but three hungry owlets. We call that a success.

The owlets have been watching us very intently on these new learning paths and have observed our learning processes. They've been supportive and excited for us, as we are when they are on a new learning path. The owlets see, as we do, that learning happens organically and as the need arises and they know that there's always time to learn new things. They see that learning is a life-long process. They've seen that learning can take research, practice and commitment. And that sometimes learning takes time. Sometimes things don't work out first time round. And that's ok.

What have you been learning lately? 
What have your owlets been learning?


  1. Are you able to turn off captcha? I find it hard to comment on your blog because of it. But I want to comment more!

    We're homeschooling this term, not technically unschooling but a mix of different approaches. I can't see myself being too rigid, I'm inherently lazy. So if I ever get my other blog organised properly I will join in :).

    1. I'm not a fan of captcha either and took it off my blog comments. I haven't had any problems, or been spammed more than before. I get a few spam comments, but blogger has caught each one so far and it goes in to a junk folder that I can moderate. :)

    2. Oh I thought I had removed the captcha thing... I've been tinkering, so it must have been overlooked. Totally agree with both of you!

  2. Yay for sauerkraut!
    x Megan

  3. Learning by example, and what a wonderful example you are setting. My three year old and I have been learning together with the veggie patch. One of the three gardens he has named his and talks to everyone about his garden. He knows the names of nearly as many of the plants as I do. It has yet to help in the struggle to get him to eat more veggies however... :)

    1. Hmmm... yes the connection from garden to plate doesn't always translate so directly, huh? Your garden sounds wonderful, Christina. xx

  4. Oh my DH is the baker for us as well. :) The best gift I ever bought 'him' (ie: me) was this one - http://www.artisanbreadinfive.com/. The second book in the left hand column is what I bought him and it allows him to easily make a loaf of bread every day for us all. He makes a rye sourdough loaf (all organic) for about $1.50 a loaf he worked out. Awesome. I seriously would recommend you get this book to make baking easy and accessible. The next step book is 'How Baking Works' but that's more about the chemistry of baking and for when you've got a grip on the basics.

    Good luck with your new nutrition plan!

    1. Oh I've seen that book and have heard many good things! Huz has started with the River Cottage bread book, on good recommendation. So far he loves it. It has just the right amount of nerdiness for him combined with step by step photos. I'll let him know about that one too though... 5 mins is about all the time we have so it could be perfect! xx


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