15 October 2012

unschool monday :: the balance


This week has been a challenging one in the life of our little unschooling family. A little letting go and thinking about what we all need. We're all still happily going about things, but I feel there's a need to listen more. To connect more. Things are a little off balance.


We've found that the rhythm we were looking for has happily found us, so that's one less thing and our days have a pretty lovely flow to them again. Our new adventures with food have led to a regular coming together to eat and drink and take time, both during the day and in the evening. It means that even though we're all off working on different things, we come together a few times a day and check in. It's kinda lovely.


But still, there's something missing. As usual, I suspect it is more about letting go and saying yes a whole lot more. We tend to be influenced by Waldorfy traditions in our unschooling approach and sometimes the two approaches come to loggerheads. Right now we're working at maintaining a balance again.


As parents, Huz and I need to find a balance too and some time out for ourselves and each other. I'm not quite sure how to do that right now, but we're working on it so that the times where we are all together, we're listening more. Connecting more and happy to go with the flow, with full attention and energy focussed. I think a little holiday might be in order. Yes.

How are things at your nest?
Have you had a challenging week or are things just peachy right now?
How do you maintain the balance?


  1. There's a familiarity in your writing and yep, I reckon you're right. A little holiday IS in order (for my gang too).

  2. Yet another post where I feel like you are writting what is on my heart and in my head! So glad to know that we are not the only ones experiencing these things! :)


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