17 August 2009

Feathering the nest

We've been in this house over two years now and its just starting to feel like we know where things fit. We've been playing musical rooms again. We've also reclaimed a little space from the owlets. How do two small people accumulate so much stuff and then leave it in every corner of the house?!! We needed to make it less of a kids space - a little less child-centred, a little more family centred... Little owlet is ok in her own room now - though I suspect she'll be wandering into mine in the wee hours for a while longer yet. So we gave the owlets the studio, which had the most floorspace. I'm quite happy with my emergency craft station, I just need some storage, so the room that belonged to big owlet is now a room for reading, music and fabric! Here's the clean bit...

The bunks finally have a home that they fit and the owlets have a room they can play in.

A space for them to just hang out if they need a quiet moment.

Little side bonus - Huz and I feel like we have some space from little bits and owlet pieces and things are more orderly. Ok, big bonus.


  1. I love the hanging tent thing. What a good idea. Did you make it?

  2. It's always good to reclaim space - even if it's a little.

    Love the play tent - a secret little space?!

    Nina x

  3. It clears the mind, for a while anyway, when thing are organized and you change things around, I must say I tend to do this also, always thinking how things can 'work' better.
    Looks great, well done!!

  4. Yes, we would love just one room that's only ours. Even our bedroom has bubba clothes drying in there. We are looking forward to our move next year :-)


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