10 August 2009

The great piratical rumbustification!

Flags were hoisted...

Jelly boats consumed...

...and with them treasure island cake.

They found all the treasure, decorated their loot bags, passed the parcel, and played musical statues. Then a moment to pause...

...and we breathe a sigh of relief and begin planning next year... Witches, I believe. *sigh* For those who were curious about the piratey clothes, I made the owlets a skirt each, using an old doona cover I found at the tip shop. Something for the dressups box too!


  1. Ahoy there! Love the piratey skirts, they are terrific!

  2. I love that your little girl wanted a Pirate party and my little boy wanted a flower party, nice way to buck tradition. Wiggles and Disney Princesses be damned

  3. Ahoy ship mates!!

    I have just popped a long in what feels like ages and have lots of catching up to do. This summer seems to be sailing by.

    Nina x


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