12 August 2009

Now we are six...

What more could one want in life than a lovely new gap in one's teeth, a witches hat and a scooter?

How about a big box full of dress ups? My Mum added the finishing touch with a Marie Antoinette style dress that has become like a second skin... I'm sure it will feature in future posts. So that's big owlet for another year, standing in front of her blossom tree (Blossom is her middle name), planted two years ago on this day. Her tooth fell out just in time, but unfortunately got mixed up with a mouthful of rice cakes and disappeared somewhere. The tooth faerie was apparently happy to accept a tiny shell and letter of appology, but we are hoping that the next tooth will make it to the special tooth faerie box!


  1. Oh bless her and such a gap to be proud of. It's just the begining now so I'm sure the tooth fairy will be visiting lots over the next couple of years.

    Nina x


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