4 August 2009

Market day

Sunday's market was fantastic! So many lovely people and things! I was lucky to have lovely neighbours... Dance in My Garden who had such beautifully made babies things, Little Snoring with amazing colours, jewellery and pandas! Right next to me were hideyo whose gorgeous bamboo clothing and origami flowers and balls brought the crowds past. The crowds seemed to come out of winter hibernation... I think spring is coming!

My one little thing at this market was a perfume balm and some chocolate/mint lip balm from Gypsy Hill, for the owlets. Its made with real chocolate and I'm pretty sure not much of it is staying on those little lips!


  1. Your stall looks amazing, a great vibrant burst of creativity. I wish I could have been there... *sigh*.

  2. We almost made it to the market but got caught up with other things. Your stall looks great and I think there is a hint of spring in the air.

  3. I love big owlet's trademark thumbsucking... bedtime, was it? :)


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