23 August 2009

Hidden treasure

We're taking advantage of the Australian Government's Energy Efficient Homes Package and insulating our house. Yep. We live in Tasmania. In a weatherboard house. Without insulation. Its cold. This is exciting stuff. Anyway, amid the excitement we decided to have a peek in the ceiling to see what's up there and we found a kind of a time capsule... A cardboard box full of blue and cream paper flowers, an old canvas stretcher and much to the owlets delight, a dolls pram. What luck!


  1. Hidden treasure indeed - great finds.

    Nina x

  2. A treasure indeed!
    In my last house, we found an old toilet hidden up in the ceiling.

  3. What an interesting roof-haul. I'm glad you're getting insulated, it does get mighty freezing down there.

  4. I love hidden treasures...what luck!

  5. Wow. That's one place I never thought to look for treasure!


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