13 October 2009

Blogtober Day 13 - Socktober

Badskirt's theme of the day is Socktober... So I suppose its time I shared a little about my past life... For about ten years, before, during and after having owlets and until about a year ago, I designed socks. Thousands of socks... stripes, spots, dogs, cats, flowers, butterflies and more recently, birds... You name it. I loved the speed of the work, the colours, the range of ideas you could play with and put there. Towards the end the socks started getting more conservative, the colours more restrained, the ideas less out there... The quality sadly not as fabulous as when I started... Ahh but that is the way of things and the way of the Australian fashion industry... And so it goes full circle and now we have handmade and quality, colour and quirky are ever on the rise. Happy designers, happy customers. Another great reason to buy handmade... Here's a sample of my souvenirs from that past life. I'm applying the same principles and method of working now of course, its just skirts and onesies these days ;)


  1. Wow - I'v never really thought that someone designs socks for their job. Sounds like fun (and those cowgirls are gorgeous).

  2. Designing socks ... I can't even knit a pair without a nervous breakdown. I'm seriously impressed, and love handmade.

  3. Wow! Designing socks! That sounds like a great job in my imagination. You could design something you want to wear, rather than just being perplexed at the limited range available....(oops, started ranting, will stop now!). I think it sounds like a fabulous job if you're able to design what you like!

    Any idea how to design the perfect baby sock that actually stays on?


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