28 October 2009

What's hot + what's not


Tasmania... What a beautiful part of the world! We are so lucky.
Chocolate covered raspberries... She says, scoffing the last one.
Disappearing ants... a week of reprieve?
Seeds sprouting... c'mon vegies!!

Hidden potholes in the backyard... or more accurately, falling in one and then spectacularly landing in a guinea pig cage, breaking said cage and ending up with so many bruises, I could pass for a dalmation. Not Hot.
Mount washmore... will I ever conquer it?
The Australian Government... They've put an end to homebirth as we know it and taken away our right to choose how we give birth. Most certainly not hot.

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  1. beautiful photographs, and I like the sound of the chocolate covered raspberries!

  2. Mount Washmore! Ha that made me laugh...I have one of those. But I'm sorry about your fall...hope those bruises are better soon.


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