17 October 2009

Saturday Scavenge

One of our favourite saturday morning things is racing out the door after breakfast and hunting for garage sales nearby. Once in the car, we meander slowly and get a better idea of local suburbs, get a little peek into peoples lives and hopefully pick up some bargains. Like today for example... One set of 1980s playdough moulds and accessories...

A microscope set, old flour jar, ceramic teaset, clothes, slippers for the dressups...

Then onto the local high school for the annual booksale...

To find more books to help our learning days...

We arrived at just the right time, when they dropped all the books to 50c!!

I think this sewing one is my fave...

And its so lovely to find old clippings slipped inside the cover. Soft furnishings for the well-run home.... hmmm... might learn a thing or two... We came home with classics, books on science, health, art, everything! We'll be reading for weeks!!


  1. woo-hoo what a haul. my Saturday scavenging days are over for the next few years thanks to kids sport-grrr!

  2. Fabulous Lauren, I especially love that sewing book with all the adorable little girls in dresses.

  3. I use to have a microscope exactly the same as that when I was a kiddie... memories

  4. I could garage sale all day - great finds.

  5. some great finds here! I love this time of year for fairs!

  6. Oooh that History of Art book should be good - I have one by the same author called A Little History of the World and it's fantastic!


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