19 October 2009

Day 19 - Lounging around

Well two posts on Saturday helped me feel like I deserved a day off yesterday. And as I said, I needed to catch up with my trusty husky! So I did. We made these pants for the little owlet to lounge around in during the warmer months. I used an old sheet and some new trims. Then I lounged around with the fam for a while... I'll be making some more pants like this and using other recycled bits and new pieces in the next couple of weeks for the shop and the ever growing list of markets! My lounging days are numbered!


  1. These are so adorable. I have been making pajama and lounge pants recently for my little ones, and these give me inspiration to get a bit more creative with them

  2. aren't they great - I have been working through the stash and old sheets too for my son. It feels so good.

  3. Very very cute. I hope they sell well ...


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