17 October 2009

My Place & Yours : On the Shelf

Or rather; on the floor, in the corner, under the dining table... My trusty husky has been on the shelf, so to speak, for the better part of a week and a half. Hello old girl! I see you down there! Miss you! Lets hang out tomorrow, huh? x

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  1. Husky looks like a really good sort to hang out with. Sturdy and a bit retro... both good qualities in a companion, I think! It was nice to see your (nearly)-shelf! xxx

  2. That's a great shelf filler if ever I saw one. You should pull her out for a play this week. You both make such great stuff

  3. Did you get to hang out together? There is nothing like spending time with old friends.

  4. That's a favourite shelf item of mine too :) K


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