18 July 2009

Changes afoot...

Just tiny changes, but we've had some quiet midwinter moments to notice things and make some minor changes around here. So I guess that explains the quiet week...

* There's been some furniture moving, nothing major, but enough to make our nest seem more spacious... and my creative space less cluttered.
* The little owlet has finally relinquished her favourite shoes (pictured above). It took some convincing, but she is three sizes to big for them so it had to happen eventually.
* The big owlet has a wobbly tooth! Her first!! Its the most exciting thing when you are nearly six... Time for me to make a tooth faerie pillow I expect...
* Our noses are less blonky. Yay for quiet moments and clear heads!!

Ok so its time for me to come through with that giveaway I posted so long ago now... It would seem even the owlets are too random to help pick at random, so I have three winners with the help of Random.Org. So... the winners are comments 1, 6 and 9... otherwise known as Cindy, Gina and the women at HIPpy Central Watch those mailboxes peeps!!

(pic taken by the big owlet)


  1. Well MY nose is blonking up tonight... just because it's the beginning of a week off, I suspect. Figures. Glad you're getting better :) *love*

  2. I'm glad your head - and space - is clearing. Oh, and I'm THRILLED to be getting a little bit of owlet all for myself! How lovely!

  3. oooh oooh, I get a present from you talented bunch that's so exciting-thank you! Good to hear you're all clearing up :-) Great shoes, I wouldn't want to let them go either.


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