30 July 2009

My creative space

I'm parenting solo while Huz is in the bush (owlet being a kangaroo, boinging over my head as I type), so my space is minimal this week... only doing bare essentials...

So here's the latest winter skirt and my button bowl, which follows me around. Its fun at markets when people stop by to pick out their faves and we have a chat and wonder who collected so many of these vintage buttons, and for what purpose... Wonder what I'll do when I run out?

More lovely spaces at Kirsty's. Check them out!


  1. your skirt looks gorgeous ~ such neat layers and stitching. {i like the edging in your last post too}.
    will be doing a solo stint too this weekend, a very different kind of busy :)

  2. What a beautiful space. Those buttons are indeed glorious, and the skirt too...

  3. Oh I couldn't give them away just on account of them maybe running out! I am a button collector since about 6 years old and they are lovely! i wish I could drop by and choose a few!

  4. love those teenyweeny flowers

  5. The skirt is lovely. And as for the buttons, another stash will appear, no doubt, just as the other one runs out.

  6. Your skirts are gorgeous...I'm happy we own one of them! Except I realised when I got home I had bought a size 4, hmmm it will be a little while before A wears it - but that's ok :-)


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