8 July 2009

Me and my shadows

Huz has been away almost a week now and these two little people have been stuck to me like glue every minute of the day... Weeks like these its very easy to imagine what life would be like if the owlets were off at school or daycare like most children in our neighbourhood. What I could do with all that extra time...

Then we wake up to a morning like this and we're rushing to get out into it before the sun melts the frost, rather than rushing to the classroom like the other children we meet in the street as we take our time wandering. We stand with our backs to the sun, making frost shadows like we saw in an Andy Goldsworthy book.

We stop to look at icy puddles that bikes have shattered on their way through. We watch the day take its time and we amble back home for breakfast. We have freedom and time and we enjoy these moments and they make it all worthwhile...


  1. Haven't the frosts been wonderful.

    We have been less Andy Goldsworthy and more into crunching on the lawn and my son's favourite....lifting the sheet of ice from the dogs bowl to hammer up into little crystals (that apparently the chooks like to eat!)

  2. Oh - those frost shadows are cooool (no pun intended - but funny, none the less :)


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